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Nov 23, 2008

Talking Bout Miu  

Miu has opened up a new store! To celebrate, there are some really cheap clothes, I got the following for only $5L a piece!

miu and the closet

Border Dress, $5L
Shawl from Zaara (not free)

miu and the closet

Lace Dress, $5L

miu and the closet

Sweet Flower Dress, $5L
Shoes: From the one and only Stiletto Moody, free? Get real!
I love my sis, she got me these babies in my favorite pattern this season - tartan! They are red hot!!!

miu and the closet

**THE CLOSET** Knit Mitten Pink (subscribe-o-matic group gift in store).

TP to MIU now! The clothes are lying around on the floor by the free hair!

What next?

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