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Nov 14, 2008

Fashion Trend, Maeva hunt and more  

maeva hunt 2
Some items I got at Maeva's hunt. Both tops and pants, and the scarf.

maeva hunt 1
Red tank from Maeva's hunt. Shoes from Baby Monkeys group.

ambergris at fashion trend
Crimson Maid dress in red, from Ambergris. This is a gift at Fashion Trend group. There is no enrollment fee but they can start charging to join. So now is the time to become a member. It's not a group about gifts, it's about fashion, but eventually some designers send out gifts. The dress and the tank top bellow (from Fab.Pony) you can still find in notices, as well as earrings and a skin.

fashion trends fab pony
Search for Fashion Trend in groups tab.

Black and white croco boots from Baby Monkeys group.

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