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Nov 23, 2008

Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue & *OC*  

peppermint blue 1
New at Peppermint Blue: the 081107Rf0a Assistance Set comes with the yellow coat, socks, skirt, shirt and bag. It has also lingerie, skins, shape.. well, everything for newbies.. And I always like the clothes!! They're awesome!

peppermint blue 2
The 081121Rf0aAssistance Set Makeup02 comes with all clothes, boots and bag shown.

peppermint blue 3
There are also many packs of pajamas with slippers. The cat comes in 3 versions: hand, rezzable and wearable! :P Cute!

oc new
New outfit at *OC*, 0L. Comes with hat and ballet shoes. You can find it instore or on the group. It's awesome as usual, Elettra is always spoiling us with her creations! :)

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