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Nov 8, 2008

Group (Flickr) Love!  

WOW! I am so happy that as of today, we have reached 93 members!
We must do something to celebrate! :)

Lets share your findings as well! Thank you to everyone who submitted their findings, makes me really happy to see some fun stuff and stylish dresses!!

First up are 2 submission from trilbym:


This is the inside of Tooter Claxton's Hobo Vardo, which is a freebie. It's inside the building just behind the avatar stand. Thanks to Frequency Picnic for the tip about the wagon. Enjoy the dialog from the man in the avatar stand. :)


This snake charming set is a freebie at Connection Design. After teleporting look for a big white sign. It's in that building.


This picture was submitted by WAP Design, theres free sexy tee for everyone! Their message is simply: "Come take it!"

Red christmas gift bag

This RED HOT poster is by my friend Taylor Flanagan, promoting the RED HOT Christmas Handbag avaliable at her lucky chair!

TP over to Chica T. for it!

Sun's in my eyes

OK, I look nowhere near as hot, but, I totally love this festive bag. Can I have one in every color???

Suri's outfit: /Axel/ - /AXEL - Pashma Dress Skirt in Plum (not free)

What next?

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