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Nov 6, 2008

The BlockheadsVille Hunt!  

The Blockheadsville hunt is a lot of fun! There are many noobies around and some of them have nice gifts inside. Yeah, grab the noobies! lol
You can have more info on My SLife on D-list! Thanks Ding Fortherington and Venturino Benson and all the designers for the fun!

noobie blockhead 1
I met so many noobs on my journey to find the perfect man. Wearing the Winter Maria outfit from Rahz, all included even the shoes.

noobie blockhead 4
Don't label me tee from Ibizarre and Moscowlight skin from Minnu.

noobie blockhead 3
I also tried a chat with some noobies camping... then I realized they must have been there for a little too much time.. lol (I have on the Bingo dress available at the hunt!)

noobie blockhead 5
Here's our favorite blogger, Suri.. We met at Blockhead and we were wearing the same t-shirt from Amplify. She told me some secrets I can't tell you but it envolves a sexyclub... lol (see free*style) ;)

noobie blockhead 7
Having some pizza.. I guess the talking was a little boring.. :( Red coat from Ibizarre.

noobie blockhead 6
Oh my... Hello there?

noobie blockhead
Well, I ended up the hunt waiting for the bus and a lil bit upset.. lol I didn't find my perfect man but I did find some great gifts! Skin and eyes from Tuli (Maya from Heroes!!) and dress from Amplify.

What next?

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