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Nov 25, 2008

Rahz Store new coats & others  

rahz coats new
New coats from Rahz Store, one of them is 1L instore. You have to find which one! All come with 3 tights and a scarf. Thanks Rah!! The dalmation boots is a gift from Gumi's Bad Box at Fashion Trend group.

Gray hoodie from Garden, 10 minutes camping. The dress and panties are free also at Garden's.

mix gifts
Denim capri and black leggings from J.J.P. at Tokyo Pig Sight, 0L. The gray one I'm wearing with the hoodie from Garden is also from there. Stripped top from WWI, subscribo gift. Brown pants from Kunglers, group gift instore (comes with the fur sweater I already blogged).

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