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Nov 23, 2008

Shop Luv @ Kumamoto Japan  

I've been waiting like forever to get the shoes from the lucky board at Shop Luv... Now, since everyone already blogged the store I just took some pictures of Nana, my dear friend who I've tp'ed to get the shoes... lol

shop luv 2
All dresses from lucky boards at Shop Luv. There are 6 boards for you to wait your letter come up while camping! hehe The second dress wasn't free, 40L and the gloves are 5L.

shop luv 1
Brown dress is a camping prize, 30min. All dresses come in different lengths. The checkered one costs 30L.

shop luv 4
These 2 are from the lucky boards. Shoes from Baby Monkeys group.

shop luv 3
And these are the ribbon sandals I want so much! lol My dress is from the lucky board.

kumamoto japan
The dress NanaShara is wearing with the shoes is a freebie at the corner you can find many others freebies. This place at Kumamoto Japan I think everyone already know about, but I've found some new freebies there (at least new for me). Brown knit dress from Shop Luv, 30L. Brown boots, 10 min camping. Border dress with boots, 0L. Brown top, necklace, bangles and brown sandals, 0L.

What next?

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