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Nov 11, 2008


Awesome knit dress from Exia, 0L.

Hayden Outfit from Angel's Designs, 1L. Boots from Sn@atch lucky chair.

Checkered dress from I-mode, 15 minutes comping. There is also a green version on the other camping chair. Only for group members.

ny couture
Outfit from New York Couture, 1L. There are some diamonds hidden over the stores, this one I found on second floor. Bangles from Rufian, 1L.

woe 2
Sweater (get it when joining the subscribo) and cut off pants (1L) from WoE.

woe 1
Tanks from WoE, 1L for 3 colors.

Don't mind my attempt to learn how to use PS... lol I'll learn one day, I promise. heheh

What next?

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