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Nov 19, 2008

Sweet Lolita!  

Lolita fashion draws much of its inspiration from Rococo, Victorian-style and Edwardian fashion and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian children or porcelain dolls. I am definately a 'sweet' lolita!

A.C. Store 1

##Ms...## free hairband Pink/White Stripes, $0L. I love this gorgeous hairband, it is absolutely perfect with my outfits today!

The ECS sim is celebrating its 1st anniversary!! Ms... have put out 3 beautiful gifts on the lucky boards; letters change every 3 minutes, you can see the pictures in my previous post: 2 Dresses, 2 Coats.


Sitting here with my cute banadged cat (lucky chair prize from [PINK FUEL]) and a polar bear called Snowy (gotten from a lucky chair @ Devilfish Jewels). It will be there up until xmas, otherwise it will be sold for normal price! Be careful, there's a frisky penguin out and about, ready to hump yer leg!!

My Snowy is very very fun indeed. My first polar bear with 'bling'!!! hahaha, if you want to turn it on, just say 'bling on', and 'bling offf' to turn it off! Snowy also sends out hearts to the person you want, wow, wreaths and snow and all kinds of stuff from him!!!

Outfit: A.C. Store - Dreaming Girl Outfit, $0L
Shoes: Redgrave - Amazon Boots, not free

Harajuku Dots

To show off my new skin, I present this gorgy Harajuku Dots outfit from Blue Blood !!!
It's not free, unfortunately, but it's perfect to wear if you are into Lolita fashion, check out those prints! You can show some of your perfect tums, and a bit of thigh....all in a cute way

Harajuku Dots 3

My back side...

Harajuku Dots 2

My perfect 22" waist ;P

Harajuku Dots outfit from Blue Blood , not free

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