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Nov 2, 2008

All The Lady's Dresses  

Just a quick one girls, because my hands are tired carrying all these shopping bags home! Where's a chauffeur when you need one? Oh yeah, I didn't hire one! Dayuum!

with my sis

with my sis

With my lovely sis Celes in Archange, join the group and buy this Christine gown in copper for $1L!

A quick limo over to Elate! You can get this purple dress from the pumpkin in store (look behind the music box) and also the yellow dress for $1L on display!

Special thanks to Kat (of the store, Bingo) who let me know about the dresses!

from elate

from elate

Gabi & I were doing a spot of shoppign before going to Calla's party, which she will blog about very soon, lots of gifts! Inventory overload!!

At Kuri Style

At Kuri Style

On Gabi: K*S ONE-PIECE117BLACK veivetBOX $5L
On Suri: K*S ONE-PIECE115shining(S)BOX, $5L

Both Kuri Style dresses are $5L until midnight slt.

What next?

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