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Nov 14, 2008


My friend Fionay Dill is the brain behind this beautiful store, Little Fish. If you are not familiar with this store, it specializes in beautifully designed traditional chinese dresses, Qi Pao or 旗袍. Fionay hae branched out to make some equally beautiful clothes, as I will show off with her in just a moment, first, some gifts!

Little Fish Gift 3

Little Fish Gift 1

Above 2 pictures are part of the gift set for members, you can see the other colors below:

sexy top

and to show off the back:


These are tradionally an underwear for ladies in ancient China. Children wear them as well, as a means to keep warm as these tops cover their chest and tummy area, so they can run around without pants and play :)

Little Fish Gift 2

Here is the gift from the lucky dress and it's gorgeous! My favorite color is purple and I definately HAD to have this! Comes with fur.

Little Fish - Qipao #24 (from lucky chair), $0L. There is a longer dress option too!

I am Chinese

This poster is in conjunction with the upcoming Peace On Earth Hunt organised by Sequoia Nightfire, photo also taken by her. Thank you for this, Sequoia, I am really proud of it! :)

Little Fish - Qipao 1# Red, $88L (50% sale!!)

Suri and Fionay

Suri and Fionay

Here's me and Fionay, playing in her store, we are wearing her newest creation, HOT PARTY DRESS! Comes with 3 dress options and a variety of colors, we show off our showgirl side! :)

This dress is not free, but you have to go there and check out the discounted section, there are some casual clothing up for grabs:

little fish

This cutesy top was featured in my previous post: Ai Yai Yai!! A Mini Hunt? $0L

her scent

This checkered pants is still avaliable for $1L, previously featured in: Your Scent.


This lovely pair of leopard pumps are a freebie! Wee!

My fluffy earrings worn throughout are also freebies from Little Fish, theres some chinese fans in the box too, just look near the couch.

Call a limo to Little Fish now!

What next?

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