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Nov 7, 2008

Soft Touch  

There are some amazing release gifts at Soft Touch Skins.

soft touch skins 1
Kimber - So Sad and Fraya - NoGloss/Liner, 10L instore. The pack comes also with other version of the same skins, eyes and Bottled sun (like body oil).
Tank top from Ki*2, Mystery Dollarbie, 1L.

soft touch skins 2
TarrinDrama skins is the group gift (not the subscribo) Morgana just sent out. They're colorful and great! Especially for fashion shows. Also comes with the make on the left picture bellow.

soft touch skins 3
On right pic I'm wearing Desiree Oranges skin and Gag shirt, both are group gifts that can be found on past notices (join the group).

soft touch skins 4
And this skin is the new Kimber, just released and amazing. I'm wearing pink, glitz and berry makeups (not free).

Thank you, Morgana for the great skins! \o/

Tops on pics 2, 3 and 4 from the Starlust Hunt.

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