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Nov 30, 2008


There are so many gifts to blog, it's amazing the much you can miss while a couple of days off sl!!

leyda cupcakes laqroki wrong
First me: skin from Cupcakes Opening 'hunt'. There are gift boxes spread all around the store, buy for 0L! Britney dress from Leyda Style, 1L.
Second me: Red checked skirt from WRONG, 0L. Top from Cupcakes. Boots from J's, group gift in store.
Third: Brown dress from Cupcakes also. Skin and hair are from Laqroki, 0L. Shoes from Illuminati, 0L.

cupcakes and laqroki skins
Blue dress from Cupcakes. Skin, hairs and white dress with bow from Laqroki, 0L and 1L.

cupcakes skin gift
Cupcake skin.

laqroki skin
Laqroki skin and hair.

The shoes shown above.

g field
Red dress from G*Field, one of my favorites stores for shoes, only 1L till 12/26. The other colors are 50% off, and there are some nice fur for 25L there.

What next?

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