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Nov 12, 2008

Closing sale & a group gift  

nekish 1
Nekish is closing the doors unfortunately and Tabynha is making a closing sale, all items at a reduced price, like the tank top (10L), leather straps (25L) and boots (50L) I'm showing above. Short pants from Mirrors (blogged here).

nekish 2
This skin is a dollarbie at Nekish (1L). And the store is closing on Sunday! So you only have 2 days! Thanks Tabynha hon!

a&k designs
Nice blue gown from [A&K] Designs, 0L. The red dress with bangles (comes with a tight skirt option) is also from A&K and is a group gift instore. (Join group, activate tag and touch the bag). There is also a sweater for the guys.

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