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Nov 7, 2008

Starlust Hunt II  

Thank you Gabi, for doing the hunt with me!
We flew up, down, high, low to come in contact with trash! But we found some lovely items, here's my contribution:

starlust hunt II

Top: *Thimbles* Trophy Wife, Disenchanted. - Assparagus
Necklace: TOSL *Glazed Pottery Necklace* v1.31 Yammering Yam
Armwarmers: MN- Blue Skully Barb Arm Warmers
Panties: Twosome - Opa Panty

starlust hunt II

Top: Hang The DJ! Guitars Tee - Grape
Necklace: TOSL *Glazed Pottery Necklace* v1.26 Splendid Spinach

Other items used which were not from the hunt:
Pants: KISS Store - Cute Shorts, $1L
Gladitaor Boots from Moody, not free (no chance!)

What next?

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