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Nov 7, 2008

Starlust Hunt  

Find the worthy trash all around Floyd, Loyd, Horst and Polly Jean. There is tons of trash spread all over. That must have been a hell of a party! :P
All mentioned item on this post is from Starlust Hunt.

starlust hunt 5 - thimbles
Dress from Thimbles.

starlust hunt 1 -
Left: Try not to breath dress, Thimbles. Star leggings in pink, Pixel Dust.
Right: Spider tank, Figure 8 and orange choco skirt from MNK Shop.

starlust hunt 2 - thimbles and pixel dust
Southern Belle dress in blue, Thimbles. Star leggings in gray, Pixel Dust.

starlust hunt 7 - tosl ki2 split tea etc
Stay Tuned Dress from Kid Asia, shoes from Ki*2 (I also bought the last mistery dollarbie which is a cute tank), necklace from TOSL, hat and glasses from Split Pea and hair from Crimson + Clover.

starlust hunt 3 -
Crop tees from League, striped leggings from Sisters.

starlust hunt 4 - pixel dust
Black tank dress from Pixel Dust.

starlust hunt 8 - thristle
Tintable top and leggings from Thistle Homes, necklaces from TOSL, hair from Crimson + Clover.

starlust hunt 6 - sock shop
Socks from the Sock Shop.

starlust hunt 9 - thimbles mnk pigshop
Left: Pig Shop's boy shirt in gray, arm warmers from Mixed Nuts, hair from Crimson + Clover.
Right: Hoodie from Thimbles, bangles from Fresh Baked Goodies, skin from Sindecade and socks from Sock Shop.

And there are a lot more... Unfortunately I can't take pics of everything or it would be an endless post heheh

UPDATED: Sorry girls, for forgeting the LM eheheh You can start at Thimbles.

What next?

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