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Nov 18, 2008

Big sale and dollarbies  

riddle 1
Riddle is having a 50% off sale on all products. Yay! Dark greay denim skirt, smexy shoulders top, red plaid shorts and bikini top from Riddle.

elate stockings
Stockings from Elate!, make a wish and pay 1L to the fountain to get them! There are 3 packs of 3 colors each! Amazing! Thanks Kellie for always being so receptive and nice :)

honey soul and ki2
Sally Jesse's big date in blue, it's the new mistery dollarbie from Ki2; dot tunic from Honey*Soul, 0L; stockings from Elate!, 1L for a pack of 3 colors.

All poses on this post from Bingo! Thanks Katx, I love them all!!!

What next?

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