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Nov 16, 2008

And more!  

ingenue 3
Dress from Ingenue, the new HippoGroups Terminal. Unjoin the old subscribo before you join the new one to get this beautiful dress.

ingenue 1
Both outfits also from Ingenue. Celebrating the new location, find 3 small gift boxes to get these 2 outfits and the dress shown on picture below.

ingenue 2

yome shoujo
Black outfit from Yome Shoujo group (join and find in notices) as well as the lil cute kitties. The other shirts are freebies instore, there are more freebies there and 3 lucky boards I've blogged here.

venice picassa 1
Dress, necklace and bangles from Venice Picassa, oL.

Outfits from Goods, 0L.

All shoes on this post from Maitreya subscribo group.

What next?

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