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Nov 3, 2008

Rahz and Haute Style & Co.  

rahz 2
This is how you gonna leave Rahz Store. Full of shopping bags :P Blue baby doll top from Rahz group. Join the group and find it in notices. Comes also with the red version below. Boxes, bags and cool pose balls for nice pictures also at Rahz.

rahz 1
Be careful not to drop everything. hehe

rahz 3
These 2 outfits are available at the lucky chairs!

rahz 4
All pink wearing the leggings also from the lucky chair at Rahz. Coat from AYY (not free), rain boots from ETD, 30L sale. Dotted pumps on the right pic from Rahz lucky chair as well. And there are a lot more on 2 lucky chairs.

haute style gg
And this dress is the November gift from Haute Style & Co. So cute! Shoes from Kookie, 50L.

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