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Jun 10, 2008

Lucky Chair Is My Best Friend  

You Girls!! I really do think lucky chair is my best friend. I got so many things from those babies I lose count, but never actually got proof to show you! it is! I am so lucky! This is a tip-off from fellow hunter Larsa Anthony, who gave me the location of my lovely addictive gloves from Digit Darkes, you can re-visit the entry here.

Plenty of goodies for you all in this entry. I am going to start from the left!

1. Kunglers - free gift 1006, $0L.

2. Pixeldolls - Limelight Pants, as blogged in 24 hour freebies, $0L. May no longer be avaliable. But, do go to Pixeldolls and join their subscribe-o-matic and look in history, they still have plenty of freebies!

3. Juicy - LR Necklace, $0L. Another freebie necklace from Juicy was first blogged in WE ARE AC GIRLS! I went to AC Girls today, and their Dip Dye Dress is avaliable again as a freebie! I imagine Achi is very busy since she just got married!!!

4. *Hexed* - Autumn Corset, $0L (subscribe-o-matic gift), $0L
5. Pixeldolls - Ribbon Boots, $0L

6. Marinoco Designs- mftop024 (from lucky chair, see top picture!)

7. *LOVE AYA* - Night dress, $0L. Aya is giving away a simple blouse in 3 colors in store, she also has a freebie wall with lots of cute clothing, including this dress!
8. *Chez Geo* Chunky Bangles Fatpack, $1L


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