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Jun 17, 2008

Tourista Habana  

Guest Star time! Tour (Tourista Habana) and Suri! Am i showing too much cleavage?
On Tour:
1. Alphamale - Leather Pants and Top, $0L
2. Box of emo/goth skin, $1L (red lips kiss included!)
3. Sakuro - Free Eyes Pack, $0L

On Suri:
1. *GC* Innovations - Mana, $0L (free for limited time only!)
2. Slow Kitchen - Flower Accessory, $0L

And cuz I love my hair so much I have this picture to show it off! It's called Losa from Mirai Style ($200L)!

Lastly, we got cold and decided to go near a fire and chat..
Toume Tenue Free pour homme (mens), $0L
Toume Tenue Free pour femme (womens), $0L

What next?

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