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Jun 29, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday To SL!  

Can you believe we're 5 already?! Seems only like yesterday that I have been wandering around the streets lost without a purpose. Do I have a purpose now? Yea!! I got you guys and my beloved husband, Saladin (*whistles*)! Special occasions always remind me to appreciate things and people around me more than usual, I even had the urge to IM my exes to say Happy Birthday (they'll probably just tell me to f off).

Oh well...

I guess I'll just say it here: To all my exes and people i know and knew...HAPPY SL BIRTHDAY (not the same as your rezday :P)! No hard feelings and I lub you all.
I am wearing this georgeous tubetop for $1L for these 2 hours only from Twosome! Don't miss it! There are other dollarbies on the wall on the right upon entrance, go get them!

I love this hairstyle so much I am showing off! It's from Mirai Style, called Tori ($200L - so worth the money!)

Plus the Happy Couple Tattoo from S.LOVES!! Only $2L. I soo wanna pinch the doodle's face but I can't cuz it's my skin :P

What next?

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