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Jun 22, 2008

Where's Your Fuel?  

I was asleep through the night, and woke up to Fuel's Owner, Sandy Cleghorn, shouting: Hellooo Im baccckk!! ...........NEW STORE NEW LOCATION!! FREEBIESSSSS <3333 through chat so I was like, ok..let's go check you out. She has 2 amazing new freebies just in the centre of her new store, a mini collection called Funky Tees.

I am wearing:
Fuel - Funky tees, $0L
Maitryea - Limelights Zebra (avaliable in Gossip Girl Sim ONLY), $0L
Elate - Tiny Top Hat, $0L
Gibberish - Oxford Scarf (I think its for men but it looks nice on my neck *checks the mirror and wink*), $0L

What next?

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