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Jun 26, 2008

Good Hair day  

This is probably one of the best hairs I've seen around. And the earrings too! Well, i only like the good stuff :) The bracelet matches the earrings and is at the velvet Sim Hunt. Enjoy it!!!
Esse, com certeza, é um dos cabelos mais lindos que eu já vi. Os brincos também. Aliás, eu só gosto do que é bom :))) A pulseira do conjunto está na caça da Velvet. Aproveitem!!!!
Hair/Cabelo: (Sanctum) Heba Black/Silver Tips, $0L
Earring/Brinco: ~*FBG*~ *velvet* Heart Hunt Gift - Gold Charm Earring, $0L caça ao tesouro/Treasure hunt @ Velvet
Bracelet/Pulseira: ~*FBG*~ *VELVET* SIM Launch Gift - Gold Charm Bracelet Fresh Baked Goods! $0L
Pose: SM - Model Pose 30, $1L @ Sugar Mill


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