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Jun 26, 2008

Sampson, Give Us A Heart!  

Sampson gave me a heart, when I went to his store, Simply Spoiled. I think i was spoiled indeed! For one week, Sampson is giving away his bestseller, the 'Cross My Heart' Necklace. Upon receiving one, I noticed I already have one in my inventory! So now I have 2! This necklace means a lot to me, it has travelled from avi to avi. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories, Sampson, you're simply..a legend!
Simply Spoiled - Cross My Heart Necklace, $0L (for ONE week only!!!), $0L
I am also wearing a very very cutesy paw paw waist chain, also from Simply Spoiled, but I personally prefer Sampson's choker, I think it makes one more sexy :P
Go get a heart, girls!

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