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Jun 25, 2008

Happy Couple  

S.Y.D. (Style Your Destiny) has sent out the subscribe-o-matic group gift to exclusive members. It is the fantastic bikinis I have on. And just in case you are wondering what the faces on my chest is all about, they're called Happy Couple Tattoo, avaliable @ S.LOVES for 2L for a limited time. They're sooooo cute I love it a lot!!!
1. SYD - Free Bikinis, $0L
2. Bracelet from ::69:: Candy Selection ,$1L
3. S.LOVES! - Happy Couple Tattoo, $2L (aren't they cute?)
4. *::UM::* Takara_Line FREE GIFT, $0L
5. !* Talisman - Diamond Encrusted Heart Belly Stud in Gold, $1L

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