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Jun 3, 2008

Totally Addictive  

Digit Darkes are having a hunt from now up until noon SLT!!!
This is totally an emergency post I just put the free item on with the outfit I am wearing. Hope it don't look too bad!

Girls, The $1L item is the set of gloves I am wearing, which is near to the entrance. the $100L item is a turquoise dress called 'Dimples', which is on the southern wall. Use your mini-map!!

Love you all!

Here is the landmark for Digit Darkes! It will take you to the entrance but look for the coordinates of my landmark, it will take you in front of the gloves.

Digit Darkes - GLOVES SET- 1L
Jolie's Boutique - Dylan Dress, $0L (from lucky chair)
❤ Suri ❤

What next?

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