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Jun 26, 2008

Body paint  

With so many tattos in offer i though i might as well make an entry on them:

Com tantas tatuagens em oferta, achei que poderia muito bem fazer um post com elas:


1. ::Alexitimia Tattoo::It Is Time To Awake My Little Demon, $1L

2. ::Alexitimia Tattoo::My Cherry Valentine, $1L

3. ::KS FREE::Hand_Dragon(KA), $0L @ Kabuki

4. S.LOVES!! Happy Couple Chest Tattoo (Shirt), $0L

5. 82 Tattoo, $10L @ Jamiro bay
not free but really nice and VERY cheap for what it is, all tattoos there are 10L
não é gratis mas é muito barata pra o que é, todas as tattoos lá são 10L

6. Free-SL5B~CherryBomb~ Chinese Fire Dragon Tattoo, $0L

7. Tribal tattoo chest + arm, $0L @ Dreamcase Art

7.1 + 7.2 [The Hunger] Forever Tattoo, $0L @ Sn@tch (until friday/até sexta)

8. [S.LOVES!!] Ant Infestation Tattoo (shirt) tintable (made for ME by Suri/feita pra MIM pela Suri)

9. ~CB Damnation Sleeve TAttoo ~Unisex *Free from Cherry Bomb-SL5B, $0L

10. Gorgeous tattoo tribal on back + Tattoo bangle leg, $0L @ Dreamcase Art

11. Free-SL5B~CherryBomb~ Leopard Tattoo *Unisex*, $0L

12.1 + 12.2 Free MAXI BIRD Tattoo,$0L @ PHlow
Blogged over and over by myself, but what can I do? its good!
postado e repostado por mim, mas o que eu posso fazer? é linda!

What next?

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