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Jun 15, 2008

Pop Sensation - Mashooka  

Notice to all Free Second Bloggers: The Pop World has a new sensation... It consists of 3 girls which form a band called Mashooka. Here they are in the flesh, in the first press interview in matching dancing outfits!

From left: Taylor Flanagan (of ZOOMing Fashions), Suri Christen (of Free Second HQ) and Aradhana Voight (of Mashooka Designs).

I am modelling some clothes I got from Mashooka Design's hunt this weekend. There are 44 items to hunt in total and here are some of them. They are all over the sim so do look carefully! Mashooka Deisgn offers georgeous sarees and accessories... girls are looking amazing in the hunt. Thank you, Aradhana (Mashooka Designs CEO)!

Elegance Red Gown

Saree print (in Salmon)

What next?

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