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Jun 23, 2008

Shiny Things + Mystery Gift!  

I have been looking for something like this in sl, ankle peep toed boots. When these go on sale, they will sure sell like hotcakes! I have been trying and trying to get a clear snapshot of the freebie table, but more and more people keep tp landing on my head! So now I have a snapshot of many people gathered together, and to jazz it up, I am giving away a mystery gift to anyone who is featured in this picture!
1. Find yourself in this picture
2. Send a notecard to me with your name and where you are standing
3. I will send you a mystery gift!
NOTE: I have a screenshot with all the avi names so I know who's who!
CLUE: Snapshot taken on 24/06/2008 at approx. 4:30pm slt
Shiny Things - Plainers in peacock, $0L. Wear your group tag before you get it!
KA Designs - Verly Dress, $0L (subscribe-o-matic gift), $0L
Apple Pop - Crescent Moon Necklace (group gift, need to activate your tag), $0L
Warmth - Wristband, $0L

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