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Jun 17, 2008

Double Trouble  

The kick-ass girls strike again! and now posing as body guards too!

As garotas malvadas atacam de novo! e agora bancando as guarda-costas!

Lavinia (in brown/de marrom)
Boots/Botas: Ecstasy Boots Giraffe, $0L @ W.I.S.H
There are 2 ways to get it/as pessoas podem ganhar de duas formas:
1) Lucky chair.
2) Theres is a genie lamp at W.I.S.H, and when 3 people (minimum) click on it, the geanie choses one of them to get the item.
Na W.I.S.H. tem uma lâmpada de gênio, que quando tem, no mínimo, 3 pessoas na loja, podem clicar na lâmpada e a gênia escolhe uma para ganhar um prêmio)

jacket/jaqueta: Veste marron, $0L 20 min camp @ **Dragon Art**
Capris: *BS* Ripped Jeans Tight (wear with boots), $1L @ Beautiful Sin
Hair/Cabelo: =TEKUTEKU= freebiehair2, $1L

Botas/Boots: Axis Mundi Sculpted Boots by Katat0nik, $1L
Pele/Skin: Katan0nik Peach Twilight, $1L
Camiseta, óculos, colar e jaqueta/shirt, glasses, necklace, jacket: Onenine, $0L (Big panel with cool freebies there/Painel com varios freebies legais lá)

Jaqueta/jacket: **Strayer** FeatherStar Jacket, $0L
Pants/Calças: **Strayer** Black and White skull pants, $0L
Boots/Botas: Stomp Boots +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Shoes, $0L, 20 min camp @ Blue Blood
Jeans: Alphamale - Mens wear - Leather Jacket and Jeans, $0L (only jeans worn/só estou usando o jeans)
Colar/Necklace: ~Digital Adornments~ Black Diamond Trinity, $0L @ Digital Knickers Lucky Chair
Cabelo/Hair: PUDGE: Maude the Mod (Black AND Plat) Special Group Hair!, $0L, gift from Starlust group

The photo is a courtesy of Greta Gazov @ Sunset Drive-in

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