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Sep 1, 2008

SB Mall  

While I was waiting for my G on lucky boards (lol) I decided to explore SB Mall and I found some very nice freebies. I enjoyed way too much playing with [LAP] poses I've got (I use [LAP] a lot on my posts btw) and now you can see how it ended lol.
Blue baby doll top from Anuenue (not free but it's only 5L!), R2 Blue metal pumps and bracelet from the lucky boards.

I love this painted overall from Saya's (0L) so why not wearing it with my new pumps? You can work painting your walls or making art but can still be classy. :P
The tiger and pink pig (omg I forgot their names, Winnie The Pooh friends) that shows on my back are cute camping chairs!
And finally the puffy purple dress I also got on the lucky boards. That's it... I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed making it. :)
Thank you, girls, and see you tomorrow.

Updated: Yay! My pics are big! lol

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