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Sep 20, 2008

We Eat What We Like!  

Ha! We most certainly do! I squeezed my butt in this one piece and it looks absolutely fantastic!

We Eat What We Like!

BBBM - Yellow Legrasse Dress, $0L
This is a group member's gift, so join already and get this dress!
Thanks Joyce, for letting me know about it!

Choosing some furniture

Choosing some furniture

This blue outfit I have on is from Mashooka Designs! I know it's not a freebie but it makes me look damn good! It is the discount item of the week and you can pick it up in store. Anyone for the sophisticated get-up..look no further!

:MD: Blazer 'Chic' flower {blue}, not free

Still got to get over the excitment of modelling some clothes for my friend, Aradhana (of Mashooka Designs). Her gowns and saris are sbsolutely amazing with a touch of authencity; here are some of her new collection on my freakishly tall body!


Masooka Designs - Ruby in Beige (not free)

on the runway

Masooka Designs - Sashi Gown in Black (not free)
ETD - Jessica II (with hat), $1L (WOW!!!)

What next?

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