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Sep 16, 2008

Happy Style  

I went to check a store I had a landmark, and it happened to be at Happy Style Mall. As I hadn't been there before I went for some window-shopping and found some nice free stuff.

Brown dress from *Mayuki Nozaki*, join Happy Mall group and get it for free. There is a sign or two to subscribe and get the dress.
Pants and shirt with laces set, 1L at CdC. Blue dress with scarf, 0L at *Mayuki Nozaki*. (White sandals from Kumamoto Japan).
Pink dress from *Strawberry Marshmallow*, 0L.
Free skins at Heaven's Gate. Heart tattoo from *Mayuki Nazuki*, 0L. Daisy necklace and earrings from GINZA, 0L. Shirt from Rily, comes with 5 colors, free.

What next?

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