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Sep 24, 2008

Yay, I'm back!  

I hate not being able to be online! lol I'm glad to be back :P
Teal sweater dDress from **CKSD**, 0L at subscribe-o-matic. Join it and find the gift on history.The red pumps are the new mistery dollarbie from Ki*2 (not so misterious anymore, I suppose hehe), 1L. The hair is the group gift from DejaVu, Suri previously blogged.The halter top is another gift from **CKSD**, you'll get it as soon as you click on the subscribe machine. :) Hot pants from ::Line::, already blogged.
The skin is from Rockberry, the ones I already posted yesterday, but seems like there is no more subscribo thingie, but you still can get the lovely skins from a lucky chair and some lucky boards!

What next?

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