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Sep 25, 2008

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Discord Nightmare City has some new group gifts out. They're at the entrance, just after you take the first tp. Join the group and click the boxes to get them. There are also many lucky chairs from which I got some nice stuff, like the orange hair and black socks. And also the hunt is still going on, I already did some time ago and the outfits are worth it. I'll show them later, heading to work now.
Both outfits are group gifts for Orange's birthday. The black hair is also a group gift and the orange one is from lucky chair.
Purple outfit from lucky chair, and hair is group gift.
This dress is a camping prize, 2500 seconds camping on the cross.
Outfit, bottle armlet and chain bracelet are other group gifts, socks and hair from lucky chair.
SL is not rezzing my snapshots properly :( so the pics are looking weird.

Have a nice day, girls!

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