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Sep 26, 2008

Squish a boob, Save a life  

Danika Colville told me about those nice 'Squish a boob' shirts at Southern Charmed and said they are themed on good causes. Breast cancer Awareness Clothes...
The set I'm wearing is 0L, and the care bear one she has on is 10L. Both come with denim pants. :)
After taking the pictures I've found some nice freebies in store. The winter dress I'm wearing and the silver gown on Danika are both 0L.

Dress from a lucky board at Hal*Nina. Skin from Domestic-V, 3 tones for 5L.
Here is a close up on the skin. Earrings from Hal*Nina too, 0L.

Thank you very much, Danika, for posing for the nice pics with me! It was fun, let's do it again :)

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