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Sep 24, 2008

A Coat and a Poncho!  

Poncho from **:::Ray Skin:::**, 1L. You can wear it with or whithout the hoodie.. (Thanks Mel! lol)
And it also comes with a hat!
Fur coat from [CRAP], also 1L. The jeans is from Kar'Ona, and it was a gift at "Ewing Events Vip Guest List" group. Don't know if it's still available on notices.
Skin is La Sylphide's Barbie Girl, from lucky chair.

UPDATED: Dumb me! Alright, there is no subscribo at Rockberry, and I was all confused when I got the skins Heather sent to me (thank you Heather!), my ISP was so bad I couldn't go back to check and that's it... Dumb, dumb me! The skins are on the lucky chair and boards, and there are 5 of them in the store, so camp a lil bit and you'll get yours ;) Sorry the confusion, yall! And another thing: Heather, the designer of Rockberry skins, doens't intend to sell Megan skins.. For now they're only for the lucky thingies!

What next?

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