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Sep 19, 2008

Cool Looks Of The Hour  

I am saying cool looks for the hour because look!! I have already changed arms actually ache by putting all these clothes over my head all these times and taking them off again (puff)!

Cool looks

I am wearing:
Mixx - Dots Tunic, $0L
Fashionably Dead - Frilly Jean Skirt (from the freebie vendor!!! many things there!!), $1L
.:Periquita:. - Funny Girl Flats Yellow (not free, but totally fab!)

Cool looks

I am wearing:
+HONEY+ - Members Suit, $0L
Edge Grafica - Flared Skirt, $0L. This is a new item avaliable to camp for! Just spare 10mins!
Ume Mode: NEW group gift, $0L includes the bracelet and a cute orange skirt (not shown)

What next?

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