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Sep 25, 2008


Do you know AyYaiYai?! If not, you should. The designs are great and there is a 25L sale going on. All outfits for 25L. And the skins are 50L. Kailiana (owner and creator) said she doesn't know how long it gonna last, maybe a couple of months, maybe less. So you still have some time to spend some lindens on some nice stuff! :)
Hot booty shorts and pink crop top from, 25L each. Skin 50L. All from ..::A.Y.Y::..
'Get ready' dress in orange, 25L. Same skin as above, 50L.
Phella gold dress, 24L. The skin above was free at Pulse, but the 0L secret sale is over. But she's still offering many skins for 200L for a limited time.
Booty shorts and Bad Kitty tank in black, 25L each.

What next?

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