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Sep 25, 2008

Cupcake Elimination! 小裙子  

Cupcakes are having a huge elimination on the dresses, some of the older styles are back, discounted and you will find it in the basement!

Tae and I could not resist buying some of these dresses. At only $20L, I literally climbed up those walls to grab my favorite styles!

We bake Cupcakes 3

We bake Cupcakes 2

We bake Cupcakes 1

All Dresses worn are from Cupcakes. Don't forget to have a look around. There are a couple of $0L dresses there too!

I go everywhere with this chunky necklace. It's definately my lucky charm! Will be on sale soon so watch this space!

Photos taken @ Tammy's Jazz Cafe.

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