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Sep 21, 2008

Brazilian Fellows!  

I do enjoy when I find cool brazilian designers in SL. Although I'm showing some 'not-brazilian' (lol) freebies on this post (I love you all!), it is dedicated to my fellows from Brasil! Wtg, girls!
Blue knit shirt from Meu! Shop, 1L from a freebie pack at the entrance. Cool socks group gift from Pig's Kick Closet. The dress on right pic is from a lucky chair at *Reale* and also all nails I'm wearing on this post, 0L the fat pack. Shoes are from /FUEL/, I got them on Free*Style hunt, so I'm not sure they're still free.
The baby doll shirt is the new group gift from Pig's Kick Closet. Cargo pants from Meu!, 1L in the freebie box. Ballet shoes from Blunt, 0L. There are also other bargains there, shoes for 10L, and a pink one for 0L.
Both dresses from [Magnolia], group gifts. Join the group and click the sign to get them. Shoes on first pic from Maitreya, 0L. On second pic from [Mac], 0L. Hair from *Reale*, it's a fat pack for color samples, but very wearable and cute, 0L.

Thanks to my dear friend NanaShara that showed me these nice brazilian shops! Yay!

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