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Sep 12, 2008

Ivalde Lucky Chairs II  

Lovely Vintage wear specialist Ivalde have changed the prizes on her camping chairs! According to Beulah (Ivalde's top model), these are the best selling dresses. Why is Neferia giving them away then? I ask. "Because Nef is nice like that." explains Beulah! That's enough reason for me!

After fighting what seems like an endless queue I got these 2 wonderful dresses!

Ivalde~~Halldora Orchid Gown and the Snowprincess Gown, both from camping chairs.

Well, if I could be any luckier I would get everything from that store! But the 'S' came up on the lucky chair and I got this gorgy Benedicte Mantenga Dress as well!


What next?

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