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Sep 30, 2008

Brain & Striking Poses  

My friend Nana told me about the freebies of +Brain+ (ty again Nana hon!!) and I had to check it out, cause she always gives me good tips! lol
Black dress, pink shoes (cute flowers and laces) from Brain, 0L. Hair from TEKUTEKU lucky chair, bangles from Hat Heaven, 0L (which I've found while doing the treasure quest hunt).

Dress and armlet from Brain, 0L. Choker from Edge Grafica at Utsuku City, 10 minutes camping. Hair from ::Maschienenwerk::, 0L. Shoes from Tesla lucky chair.
These last 2 poses are Desperate Housewives poses, the new group gift from Striking Poses. There is 1 more for the group and the other 3 you can get adding the store to your picks. Shirt, shoes and hair piece from Brain, 0L. Hair from ::Maschienenwerk::, also 0L.
The kisses weren't freebies, but were a bargain.. Didn't work, even wearing my bootilicious shorts (A.Y.Y, 25L sale) I didn't sell any :(
lol Cool kissing booth from Crushed Velvet, 0L.

What next?

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