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Sep 15, 2008

Trey Dope & etc.  

I finally made it to Trey Dope hunt. It's fun and the gifts are lovely. :) Here are some of the gits I got there and some from other stores.
Picture frame at Trey Dope hunt. Dress from Honey*Soul, 1L. J's red wedges from the DigitalHollywood hunt (already finished).
Wonderful dress from Trey Dope hunt.
Black dot dress from **Ambrosia**, camp for 10 minutes to get it for free. Pumps from Trey Dope.
Baby doll shirt and capri denim pants, with prim cuffs, 0L at **Ambrosia**.

UPDATED: Ki*2 has a new mistery dollarbie! Don't miss it lol.. I'm not showing pictures or I'll ruin the surprise :P

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