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Sep 20, 2008

My Inner Powerpuff Girl (Bubbles)  

Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood has informed me of a new lucky chair in the store! Brand new gifties are avaliable and boy, they are adorable!


The top looks arty, and black and white are definately the ultimate combination!

Back in Black

The back view.
Jeans are included in the prize..check out the leg patterns! Vroom!

Back in Black

True to my blogging style, I check my colleagues' findings, and bam! Miu Elfan has found this cute cute hair for $0L. I love the leopard hat. I can only pull off the leopard style here...*giggles*

Blue Blood - Crazy Cozy, $0L
Hair With Leopard Hat - Mobile Factory, $0L!

Printed jackets

Here is the second prize from Blue Blood! It's a set of really nice printed jackets including the Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon! I grew up with them and wearing them brings back some good childhood memories! Ghanima & I had fun mesmerizing the episodes we watched. She watched them in Portugese and I watched them in English...ha ha!

Printed jackets

The back view.

Blue Blood - Printed Jackets, $0L
Skirt from Armidi (not free)
Hair: Sari from Mirai Style (not free)

What next?

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