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Sep 19, 2008

Down the rabbit hole - part 2  

I finished the hunt and sent my notecard to Alice! Woot! And I had lots of fun, found out about many nice places I didn't know before. So, I recommend going to the madness! :)

First thing you got to do is find the white rabbit and go down the hole. Then you will get your hunter's kit, and you're ready.
Blue dancer dress from a lucky board at Miroku. It has nothing to do with the hunt, but I changed clothes sometimes during it so I could show you some freebies :P
I got really scared some times! lol Be prepared if you click this cabinet at Sugar Mills! Tunic and jeans from Magnet, 0L.
Caged bird lolita dress from lucky chair at ~~silent sparrow~~. Hair from camping chair at utsuky city.
Outfit from Go ask Alice, this is one of the prizes from the hunt.
Chekered alice ensemble dress and "Yes, your magesty!" pose from Sugar Mills, hat and necklace, all from the rabbit hole hunt.
Shirt and belt on first pic and skull checkered outfit on second, both from the hunt. The cup I'm sitting is also a prize. You'll get many pieces of fantasy furniture to decorate your home. :)
Well, there are many many other stuff I could blog for you to see, but I think I already "overblogged" it! lol
Have fun and good luck on the draw. :))

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