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Sep 17, 2008

Santa Monica Mall  

I was looking for a store where I got an old freebie at Santa Monica Mall.. I couldn't find the store there but I found many cool things. Did you know Rily has a dollarbie store? Well, I didn't! lol It was a great surprise!
Dresses from Rily, 1L each. You have to walk around the mall and find the regular priced Rily so there you'll get the blue dress on first pic.
1L each dress at Rily.
This striped black dress I found Shanghai, also at Santa Monica, 10L. I know it's not free, but it's a bargain. :)
1st 2 Rily's dresses from camping chairs (also Santa Monica Mall), free, 20 minutes. Last one is another dolarbie.
And that's not all. There are many other dresses for 1L!
The necklace I'm wearing on all pics is the Lucky Charm necklace, from a lucky chair at [Y.M.X.]. As the name says, it's not for sale, it's only a lucky chair prize. It is available here or at Surf Botanica. You will get one letter, maybe not your initial... But they're transfer, so you can give as a gift or exchange with your friend. Does anyone got a G?? :)
Thanks again, Yumix! :))

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