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Sep 19, 2008

TOO Cool 4 U  

We're simply too cool 4 u!

I picked these COOL cute tees from Electrocute, a store I'd never been before! They are giving away a free hair right now, which is downstairs of the store. Tons of cute stuff there so please take a look around!

On Suri:
ElectroCUTE - F*** Hollywood Tee, $0L
ElectroCUTE - Glommy Bears Tee, $0L
Ume Mode: NEW group gift, $0L (includes the bracelet and the cute orange skirt)

On Venturino:
ElectroCUTE - Choose Wisely, $0L

You can also get the Chillin' haystack from MudHoney Designs, which is $1L for a week!

What next?

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