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Jun 1, 2008


I just can't resist blogging this ironic outfit from !* Talisman! It says "I sat on a lucky chair and all I got is his stupid T-shirt". LOL

Actually you will find all the accessories I have on from !* Talisman. They have a room dedicated to freebies and dollarbies!

1. !* Talisman ~ Sam & Friendly Faux Harajuku Outfits (Pink & Blue), $0L
2. !* Talisman ~ Industrial Hoops Earrings, $0L
3. !* Talisman ~ Liquid Metal Love Bracelets in Pink, $0L

Join their subscribe-o-matic group, check history and get more free gifts! I was very lucky to go through 5 wildcard rounds on their lucky chair and got 5 things which they sell in store at full price! I was so excited! Go there now!!

Suri x

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